Clinical Trials Manager

Over 100,000 patients a year lose a leg due to diabetes.  To date, the only protocol to monitor diabetic foot ulcers were routine visits to the doctor or symptoms progressed to the point where it was too late.

A young company in San Francisco has developed a technology to remotely monitor diabetes patients for early warning signs that a diabetic foot ulcer may develop. This allows time for the symptoms to be treated and not turn into a potential amputation.

This role is the only Clinical Trials Manager for the company and you would report directly into the C Suite so if you’re interested in strategic responsibilities this could be an excellent role for you.

Utilizing new technology the company has entered into the remote monitoring space which is an area of great interest to patients, doctors and insurance payers as it allows for lower cost treatments and earlier diagnosis.

The role is critical to the commercialization of the product so patients gain access to the technology.  The position will be focused on running their clinical trials, patient recruitment, study coordination and evidence generation.

My client is small and starting up so someone who is comfortable with self management, problem solving, and the ability to work with minimal oversight will excel in this position.

For more details and an opportunity to learn more about the company, please feel free to reach out to Jason Lewis at 937-306-1545 or