Jason Lewis Founder


Jason has specialized in recruiting
Reimbursement and Payer
Relations positions for Biotech,
Biopharmaceutical and Medical
Device companies for the past 10 years.

Recruiting Philosophy:

“I invest the time upfront to know exactly what our clients and candidates are looking for in their next employee or career. Both clients and candidates have a vision of what their perfect 10 would be in their next employee or position. My goal is to provide the opportunity for the two of them to meet. For my clients, it is understanding exactly what this position means to them and to know the impact that a great candidate would have. For me to present the opportunity to already successful candidates, I take the time to find out the details so that when I talk to them I can relay to them why this is such a great move for their career. Great candidates ask tough, detailed questions. I put the effort into being able to answer them. I work confidentially with candidates who are successful and happy in their current role, but who would seriously consider making a change that will clearly enhance their career.”


2006-Southwest Region’s Top Five Rookies
2006-Pacesetter Award Trip to Hawaii
2007-Colorado Closer’s Award Trip
2007-Pacesetter Award Trip to Cancun
2008-Pacesetter Award
2009-Colorado Closer’s Award Trip
2009-Pacesetter Award Trip to Los Cabos, Mexico
2009-Top August National Billing Leader
2009-Top 50 in National MRI Network
2009-Top 10 in MRI Southwest Region
2010-Pacesetter Award
2011-Pacesetter Award
2012-Pacesetter Award

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