Ask a payer something you’ve always wanted to….Anonymously

There are several websites, such as Reddit, which have features that allow the website visitors to submit questions to “celebrities” and have the answers posted online for all too read.  President Obama, Bill Gates, Bono and others have participated in the “Ask Me Anything” forums. I thought it would be interesting to take the same approach with a person responsible for providing coverage policy recommendations with a large payer and submit those questions anonymously and post the answers.

No question is off-limits and I believe it may provide some valuable insights to the current payer environment.  The anonymous approach will hopefully promote those questions you’ve always wondered about but were afraid to ask. The person on the other side answering the questions is with a large payer with millions of covered lives and responsible for providing coverage recommendations.

I will collect and submit the questions and follow up with a post with the answers.

Email your questions to: