Quick Tip Video: Grit and Adaptability


A number of clients and other companies are beginning to inquire about two characteristics in their STAR questions in the interview process:  Grit and Adaptability.  As the pace of business becomes faster and the availability of data is easier to attain the ability to adapt quickly is becoming a characteristic in increasing demand.

I’ve asked a special guest to go into detail about grit and adaptability as he has had to exhibit those in his career.  Jeff Boss graduated from THE Ohio State University and immediately joined the Navy to become a SEAL.  He went through BUD/S a few times due to injuries, successfully completed BUD/S and SEAL training to earn his Trident.   After a few deployments he set his sights on joining the most elite SEAL unit: DEVGRU ( SEAL Team 6).  During his time at DEVGRU he continued on despite multiple parachute malfunctions and getting shot twice.

After retiring from the Navy he decided to launch his own coaching practice and now provides leadership training to corporations.  Jeff leveraged his experience in the SEAL teams and is teaching those leadership lessons to managers to develop elite teams. In addition he is a published author, hosts a podcast and is a distinguished speaker.

You can learn more about Jeff and find his social media accounts at www.shutupandshowup.com